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Our family never thought we would be talking about heroin addiction at this stage in our lives. It wasn’t something we’d ever expect to deal with and yet it took us by storm. Heroin knows no boundaries. When introduced to our oldest son, it quickly became an addiction and did everything it could to steal his life from him; many times almost succeeding. In search of help, we kept ending up in dead ends. Insurance didn’t cover rehabilitation, detox clinics were few and far between, and programs that were free were almost impossible to find or not effective. This 8+ year journey has made me realize we need a real solution in Tucson, Sahuarita, and the rest of Southern Arizona for those hurting and devastated from the effects of drug abuse. An addiction that hurts not just the user, but the entire family.

Join our family as we do our part to provide real hope and healing for those addicted.

-Terry Bernier
Director of the Southern Arizona Dream Center

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