The Southern Arizona Dream Center’s Re-entry Program will focus on helping the incarcerated re-enter society. Our prison ministries provide resources such as working with you on the inside to become a stronger person while working with your Corrections Officer and Parole Officer for transition to the outside, transitional living and other much-needed services to prepare inmates for re-entry.    We hope to have our own “lighthouse in the desert” soon for transitional living homes.    Please feel free to give to this ministry if God lays it on your heart to do so.  Funds go to:  Prison materials on the inside, Transition Coach and housing expenses.


The Southern Arizona Dream Center’s Addiction Recovery services focus on intervention,  detox, residential program, IOP, essential documentation, residential living & future housing.  Our goal is to provide you a transition coach that will walk with you through the stages of your recovery and growth.  We are raising money for a Dream Center location in the Pima County area.   

Recovered drug addict standing with open arms
Woman with a barcode on her shoulder.


The Southern Arizona Dream Center’s Human Trafficking Rescue will focus on rescuing those caught in human trafficking in and around Southern Arizona. We will provide an advocate to help you find a place for healing as well people who love and care for you.  Our current goal is to have the first “safe house” in the Pima County area.  Please feel free to give to this much needed ministry.

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